The Hound

I am a lawyer who lives in Denver, Colorado and practices commercial litigation. Politically, I tend toward “small L” libertarianism. I am a registered Republican, notwithstanding discomfort with some of the party’s positions and many of its leaders, because third party support is generally a waste of time and “capital L” Libertarianism can often be quite nutty.

As a general matter, my interest is focused on economic issues, tax and spending policy, national politics, and international relations/foreign policy. I favor small government, low taxes, and legislation and regulation that is limited to executing the core responsibilities of government rather than dedicated to social and economic engineering.

I strongly support environmental protection, but am highly skeptical of the environmentalist movement and the theory of anthropogenic global warming. Basically, I think the environmentalist/climate change movement is more political than scientific, and that its ultimate goals are directed at least as much at social and economic engineering as the protection of the global environment.

For fun, I cook, read, camp, hike, bike, and cross-country ski. I have a wife that I adore, a cat and a dog that I tolerate, and no kids. We live in the urban core of the city in a predominantly white neighborhood that has remarkable diversity in age, background, occupation, and income — in other words, it is highly diverse in every respect other than the one revered by academics, the media, and liberals in general.

Finally, I abhor political correctness and the use of euphemisms, because they are harmful to the English language, undermine debate, and prevent the clear expression of thoughts. That said, however, I try to adhere to the maxim, generally attributed to Oscar Wilde, that “a gentleman never offends, unintentionally.”

The dog painting that I recently added to the blog is Lion, by Charles Deas, 1841.

Published on June 10, 2010 at 12:39 am  Comments (7)  

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  1. the owner of this blog seems very uniformed.

  2. What sort of uniform, I wonder?

  3. Please send me a note!

  4. What a pretty puppy picture. Is this a political site?

    I think I saw something about Libertarianism scooting around here.


    • Yeah, I try to mix it up, but not very hard. So it is a political libertarian-ish site. The dog is a painting, but quite similar to my own puppy, a somewhat crazy German Shepherd. Cheers.

  5. Wonderful painting of whatever dog it is. It looks like a smooth Collie.

    And you’re right. Big “L” Libertarianism does tend towards the nutty. I think it’s the stoner influence…they’re just not sober enough to think things through.

    • That’s funny, and true. Smoke enough dope and the gold standard starts to look pretty good. How many Doritos can you get per ounce?

      The painting was done in 1841, so things have changed a bit and the dog is probably not a currently recognized breed. Mrs. Hound and I saw the painting in person last year, and it is even more pretty in person. Tha artist — who later went crazy — really captured th eintensity of a working dog.

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