The Daily Kos Is Delusional

I know, no big surprise there.  But this is exceptional:

Beyond Wisconsin, if we can enjoy a similar “loss rate” in Republican-held districts (picking up 33 percent of them), Speaker Nancy Pelosi will have a huge majority in 2013. We had a message that resonated with large numbers of working people in overwhelmingly white working-class districts that shifted hard against Democrats in 2010. GOP overreach is winning them back for us. Just think, before today, only 13 state legislators had been recalled in the entire history of this nation.

So yeah, I feel strangely energized and elated.

Must be the medical marijuana.

Here’s an alternative view — the unions shoveled money by the truckload into an election and lost 4 out of 6.  In addition, 1 of their 2 wins involved Randy Hopper, who was last seen shacked up with his 25 year-old mistress.  When that’s the best you can do despite an all-out effort, you might want to reconsider the popularity of your views.  Just a thought.

Stay tuned, since the recall vote for the Dems who fled the state to avoid doing their jobs comes next.

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