The Spending Debate IS About Jobs

The next media meme is rapidly forming now that the debt ceiling debate is done (and widely believed to have been lost by Obama and congressional Dems) — now that the distraction is over, it’s time to focus on JOBS.  Over at Ace’s place, they are having some fun with Jake Tapper’s quip that the president  has done quite a few pirouettes towards focusing on jobs without much success.

Nice, but not enough.  The media and Dems (but I repeat myself) are desperate to frame the government’s deficit spending in two incredibly harmful ways. 

First, they are framing government spending as an imperiled bulwark against further economic decline.  Basically, they are channelling Krugman and the other crazy-Keynesians.  You know, the story: “The hundreds of billions of dollars thrown down the rat-hole to date were somehow successful in staving off another Great Depression, so we need to throw hundreds of billions more after it to fend off the Great Recession.”  Then, trust us, we’ll deal with the debt/deficit issues decisively later.  Really.  We mean it.  You really can trust us. 

Second, they are trying to frame the deficit debate as a distraction from, instead of an integral part of, job creation.  Nonsense.  The massive governmental overreach of the Dems and the Obama Administration is why jobs are not being created.  The money is there, but no one will invest it so long as these clowns are in power.  They are far more interested in confiscating and redistributing wealth than fostering conditions that favoring creating it.

Conservatives from all quarters need to push back hard on the false media narrative.  The debt debate is not a distraction from jobs issues, but an essential part (regulatory reform being another key pillar) of freeing up job creation.  Ensure that taxes will not be raised, get government out of the way, restore  certainty and faith in the rule of law, and take the target off business’s backs, and employers will hire again.  It’s not that complicated.

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