Fear And Loathing At The Other McCain

Another great rant, this time from The Other McCain.

Perhaps you see my point without me explaining it, but I’ll explain it anyway: We all got screwed over in a lousy deal.

It doesn’t matter, in this context, whether you’re a left-winger who wants to tax Donald Trump into the poorhouse, or a right-winger who wants to zero out the budget for the National Endowment for the Arts.

At a moment like this, the real division is between Chumps, who foolishly expected politicians to deliver on their promises, and Cynics, who never for a moment expected anything other than a bipartisan swindle. And in case you were in the former category — an idealistic young True Believer who hasn’t lived long enough to cultivate the cynicism necessary to understand how politics really works — isn’t it high time you grow the hell up?

Count me in the Cynic camp.  Spending cuts will be promised; tax increases will be delivered. 

Takeaway line: “Becoming a conservative doesn’t mean you have to quit hating Republicans.”  Amen, brother.

By the way, McCain is heading over to Iowa on a shoe-leather Fear and Loathing excursion onto the 2012 campaign trail.  Hit his tip jar with a donation to support some first-hand non-MSM reporting if you are so inclined.  I did.

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