The Dems’ Next “Big Idea” — Jobs

Really.  That’s what Eugene Robinson says:

People may dislike paying taxes, but they dislike unemployment more. Progressives should talk about bringing the nation back to full employment and healthy growth — and how this requires an adequately funded government to play a major role.

The next time Moe asks about the big idea, Democrats, say “jobs.” You might avoid a slap on the noggin and a poke in the eyes.

Here’s the problem.  The Democrats have been throwing money and government programs at the “jobs problem” since Obama came into office.  Their policies have been an economic disaster.  So what does Robinson want?  More of the same, of course!

That is not a “Big Idea,” to use Robinson’s phrase.  It is a Bad Idea. 

Government intervention in the economy is strangling it.  The reason we are not drilling for oil in the U.S. is government.  The reason businesses are not hiring is government.  The reason people bought houses they couldn’t afford (or were unwilling to pay for) was government.  The reason health care costs are predicted to skyrocket over the next few years is, you guessed it, government.

The Democrats controlled both houses of congress and the presidency for two full years.  They pursued their progressive agenda with abandon and tried to “bring[ ] the nation back to full employment and healthy growth” through a massively funded government playing a major role in the economy.  What has that brought us?  Nothing good.  Instead of a vibrant economy we have a stagnant one.

The solution to failures of government intervention is not more government intervention.  And the solution for what ails progressives is not a bumper sticker that says “Jobs.”

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