If He’s Winning The Debate, Why Are His Numbers Eroding?

Ace reports some under-reported news from Gallup’s latest poll:

Forty percent of Americans approve of the job Barack Obama is doing as president in Gallup’s three-day rolling average for July 26-28, a new low for him by one percentage point. His overall approval rating essentially matches his recent rating for handling the debt ceiling negotiations.

I think one reason this debate is bleeding off President Obama’s support among the general population is that it emphasizes one of his greatest liabilities.  The President is incapable of leading.  There isn’t a single issue, in fact, on which this President has shown any inclination or ability to lead.  His mis-handling of the debt-ceiling debate is a stark example. 

Obama has been talking just about every day, but about . . . what, exactly?   If the debt-ceiling is so damn important — and it very well may be, for all I know — where is the President’s plan?  If he’s the adult in the room, where is his plan?  If he is the voice of centrism, bipartisanship, and reason, where is his plan?  If he is a leader, where is his plan?

The reason this debate is so debilitating for the President is that it further reinforces an image that is rapidly cementing — the man holding title of leader of the free world isn’t a leader at all.

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