Then Where Is The Democrat’s Plan? Just Asking.

Hot Air has a video clip of President Obama complaining, once more, about the problems of divided government.  Things would be just so much better if he didn’t have to deal with those pesky Republicans and all their plans.

Ed Morrissey responds with a couple of questions some enterprising reporter might want to ask:

Say, didn’t Democrats have the town to themselves in 2010? Didn’t they have an opportunity to raise the debt ceiling at that time, and pass a budget for FY2011 as well? In fact, Democrats still control the Senate in 2011. Where is their plan to deal with the issues? For that matter, where is Obama’s?

In addition, didn’t President Obama offer up his own budget in February of this year that utterly failed to deal with the debt crisis?  And wasn’t that budget proposal so bad that it  fail to receive even one vote in the Democrat-controlled Senate?

Here’s an idea — let’s make sure resident Obama has all the time in the world to spend with his daughters, golf, play basketball, or vacation by say January 2013.

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