Juan Williams — Too Black And Too Independent For NPR

That is the apparent conclusion outlined in Williams’ forthcoming book — Muzzled: The Assault on Honest Debate — about his tenure at and termination from NPR.   

As a regular listener of NPR, I am not surprised.  NPR is extremely well done, but supremely smug and reliably liberal in its point of view.  Lacking any diversity of opinion (and according to Williams also lacking in the skin color variety that liberals are obsessed about with respect to others), people at NPR simply don’t understand that reasonable people may hold and express views that differ sharply from theirs.

I love this comment (click through the link above to the Politico interview) from NPR spokesperson Anna Christopher:

Christopher said NPR was not censoring him but enforcing its standards.

“Informed observation from our journalists is not only acceptable, it is valued; offering personal opinions is not,” Christopher said. “NPR’s standards are critical to our role as a responsible news organization and we expect our employees and contractors to abide by them.”

When, exactly, did Williams wish for a politician or his grandchildren to get AIDS as “retributive justice”?  Oh, right, that was long-time NPR contributor Nina Totenberg.


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