Why No Traction For Pawlenty?

Robert Stacy McCain has the diagnosis:

Pawlenty tries to dismiss his embrace of global-warming theory as a silly mistake, but for him to have taken up a signature issue of liberalism after 2006 — i.e., after the disastrous mid-term election that made Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House — looks an awful lot like opportunism.

Republicans were on the defensive, and Pawlenty grabbed hold of “renewable energy” as a way to appease liberals. Or that’s what it looks like, anyway, and Pawlenty has never given any explanation that would convince a skeptic it was anything else.

I have to agree, although Pawlenty’s mild-mannered personality is probably too laid back for the conservative base this year anyway.  But the timing of Pawlenty’s embrace of global warmingism could not have been worse, and the policies he supported to fight it are almost as bad.   Pawlenty seized on a leading liberal issue and tried to run to the left just as polls started showing that virtually no one but Al Gore remains obsessed with climate change, and climate change models and modelers were looking more and more shaky every day.

The real consensus now is that the cap-and-trade policy Pawlenty embraced would have devastating effects on the economy and absolutely no impact — zero, none, zilch — on global carbon emissions.  Bad politics + Bad policy = Trouble for T-Paw.

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