The Debt Ceiling Dance

So while I was off screwing around, some ruckus has been brewing regarding the debt ceiling.  You might have heard about it.

I don’t understand why the messaging is so difficult for the Republicans.  The whole pitch should be quite easy:

  • The Democrats have run up astronomical debt in record time.  From 1/1/2009 through 12/31/2010, the national debt increased by over 31%, from 10.7 Trillion to 14.025 Trillion. 
  • President Obama and the Congressional Democrats are crippling the economy with regulation, mandates, and spending.
  • What, exactly, has all this spending accomplished other than running up the debt.  Anyone . . . anyone . . . Bueller?  Unemployment is at 9.2% and would be waaaay higher if those who have just given up were counted.  We have the worst recovery from a recession in history while the Dems were solely in charge.
  • Congressional Democrats are deeply unserious about spending reform — see the 800+ days without even offering a budget.
  • The President is deeply unserious about spending reform (and lying when he pretends to be — yes, I mean lying) — see the February budget proposal that would have added Trillions to the debt and crashed 0-97 in the Democrat-controlled Senate.  (Query: why would even a credulous press take anything this guy has to say about reigning in spending seriously?)
  • History tells us that a “balanced approach” means actual tax increases with illusory spending cuts.
  • That is the end-game for Democrats.  Crippling new taxes to fund their never-ending policy initiatives that are strangling the economy and destroying jobs and growth.  We refuse to play that game.
  • If we hit August 2 without a deal and Obama want so cut off Social Security checks (which, by the way, proves that the “trust fund” is a bankrupt accounting gimmick) instead of defunding Obamacare, high-speed rail, etc., that is his choice.

This is a pretty thin set of fairly obvious talking points.  Why can’t the idiots at R-central just use them?



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