Sarah Palin Nails It

As inarticulate and prickly as she can be, Palin has great instincts and often nails the essential issue.  The Other McCain (yes, more blog-whoring — don’t you judge me!) has her latest:

“I don’t trust this President. . . . He doesn’t know how to make those cuts. He’s never had to do this before. He’s always just been one to spend other people’s money even if that money is just borrowed money or printed out of thin air. He’s never had to exercise real executive authority like that.”

* * *

Say what you will about Sarah Palin, love her or hate her, she has put the hammer on the nail of the essential problem with Obama’s presidency: He won the Democratic nomination by out-flanking Hillary Clinton to the left on opposition to the Iraq War (which Hillary had voted for) and also on health-care, where he advocated a Canadian style single-payer system. The presidency he and his supporters originally had in mind was one in which America would have the political luxury of pursuing a pacifist foreign policy while expanding the liberal Welfare State domestically.

And then the economy tanked.

And then the Obama Administration, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of unions and welfare capitalists, stepped on the neck of the U.S. economy with myriad redistributive policies.  With predictable (and predicted) results.  We can’t trust the President, because he doesn’t know how business and economics work, his ideology is fundamentally anti-capitalist, and he is a deeply dishonest person.

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