Israeli Border History

There has been a lot of discussion today about President Obama’s speech on the Middle East. 

Apparently, the most notable aspects of the speech concerned Obama’s speaking of “secure and recognized borders” for Israel instead of the more concrete “defensible borders,” and his call for using the pre-1967 borders as the starting point for the negotiations regarding a two-state solution.  So far, the reaction appears to be that Obama is (natch) throwing Israel under the bus.  See several posts at Commentary Contentions, here

I find myself persuaded.  Obama her never been pro-Israel, and he simply does not appear to understand that the Palestinians have no desire for peace.  The eat, drink, and sleep vile hatred for Israel, Israelis, and Jews in general, and have created a brutish and twisted sick society.   The starting point for negotiations must be recognition and acceptance of Israel.  Period.

Anyway, all this talk of borders led me to wanting to know more about the border history of Israel and the local area, so I did some searching and found this BBC series of maps on that very subject. I found it to be useful in understanding the issues better and thought others might too.

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