Hancock v. Romer

After yesterday’s election, the herd running for Denver Mayor has been thinned to two — Chris Romer and Michael Hancock.  With neither candidate receiving 50% of the vote, we get to have a runoff.  Yippee.

I don’t know squat about city politics, so I asked a friend who is very much an expert on all things Denver Democratic politics what happens next. 

There were three front-runners, the third being James Mejia.  Although he is now out of the race, Mejia may hold the key to victory for one of the other two.  Both of the other candidates are right now figuring out what position in the new Administration to offer him in return for his endorsement, and it may very well be decisive. 

Meanwhile, the candidates have thus far avoided going negative.  That’s about to end.  Apparently, Romer has some skeletons rattling about in his closet from his days at JPMorgan Chase relating to New Mexico politics.  

I hope Hancock doesn’t have similar baggage, since his life story is so compelling.  But who knows?  If he’s done his homework, Romer should know if Hancock has any.

Should be interesting.

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