It’s About Damn Time — Bin Laden’s Dead

Breaking news — Osama Bin Laden is rotting in hell with nary a virgin in sight.  We got you, motherfucker.  I hope you suffered.

Mrs. Hound and I cracked open a bottle of good American Sparkling (Gruet, from NM) to celebrate.

Ironically, we first heard on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live show.  That’s pretty appropriate — we heard about the demise of Bin Laden on a show hosted by a gay Jew about promiscuous half-dressed women who live emphatically decadent western lives.

UPDATE III:After more reflection, I am not really interested in some of the stuff I commented about before, so it’s deleted.  My blog; my rules.

This is a good day.  Screw politics.

Here’s what really matters.  A group of young American bad-asses, part of the best-trained, -motivated, most-trustworthy, armed forces in the history of the world, found the bad guy and took him out.  He’s someone who deserved nothing — nothing — better than a summary execution (to be clear, in my book, he deserved a slow and painful death).

We are blessed to have the best military on earth.  More importantly, they are equally dedicated to the principle of democratically elected civilian control as the rest of us.

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