Uh, Donald, You Just Don’t Mess With CK

Donald Trump today decided to call Charles Krauthammer, who we in the Hound household fondly refer to as CK, a “sad fool” for, according to Trump,  disagreeing with him on whether we should take and use Iraqi oil to pay for the Iraq war.   Game over.

Krauthammer is the finest columnist writing today.  Period.  He will, if he decides to bother, crush Trump with the power of his pen.

He is also beloved by conservatives.  Meaning, the folks who pay enough attention to vote in primaries and show up for caucuses love him, and with good reason.  Picking a fight with an intellectual welterweight and partisan hack like Obama is one thing.  Picking a fight with CK is definitely another. 

Good bye and good riddance, Trump. You’re fired. 

By the way, siphoning off Iraqi oil is a dumb idea.  We would simply confirm everything that a big chunk of the middle east is predisposed to think about us — and desperately needs to think about us.  It is the dumbest thing I have heard about ME policy since Jumpin’ Joe Biden suggested sending $100 Million to Iran to after 9/11.

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