Media Malpractice

Andrew McCarthy notes the real scandal behind the Obama birth certificate stuff — the media’s refusal to do even the most cursory vetting of Obama as a presidential candidate:

If George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, or even a Republican the media likes (say, John McCain) had taken purposeful steps to block examination of so basic a document, the media would surely have turned such obstinacy into a scandal. The public might not have leapt to extravagant conclusions about whether they’d really been born in Kenya, or on Mars, or wherever. But they’d have thought it was intolerably strange that campaigns were retaining lawyers and amassing affidavits rather than just producing a seemingly innocuous, readily producible document. The story would never have been about the people asking for the birth certificate; it would have been about the candidate who was moving heaven and earth to prevent people from seeing it.

Indeed.  As I have said a bunch of times before, asking for proof of the basic constitutional requirement for a candidate for the office of President of the United States is no big deal.  We card people when they buy a beer; why not ask for proof of eligibility?  But the media not only refused to do that, they also tried desperately to delegitimize the issue and anyone who raised it. 

Meanwhile, the NYT and others had no problem delving into the question of constitutional eligibility with respect to Viet Nam Veteran war hero and prisoner of war John McCain.  If Obama “birthers” are racist lunatics, what does that make the NYT and other media outlets that ran down that particular rabbit hole with gleeful abandon?

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  1. The media is ultimately corrupt. They ignore journalistic ethics and flout them with impunity. The polls show that a mere 19% of the American populace approves of the media.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    I would suggest that you repost this blog and future blogs on the wordpress blog Rants and Rages. It will increase your readership

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