Back To Blogging After A Brief Interruption

Sorry for yet another blogging gap.  Mrs. Hound and I took her mother to Boston for a few days R&R.  Boston is one of our favorite towns, and a good time was had by all. 

We did the touristy Duck tour (amphibious trucks that give you a tour of the City and a stretch of the Charles River), attended an Easter Mass in Italian and post-church lunch at an Italian restaurant in the North End, ate well, drank our way through a few pubs, and saw lots of the usual sites. 

New this trip was a great long run along the Charles River to Cambridge and back in a light rain.  Beautiful, especially the part that runs through Harvard University.  Just stunning.

The last few days I was more interested in vacationing than following the news.  Not sure I missed much, except the media crowning Donald Trump king of the Republicans birthers and Obama finally releasing his long form birth certificate. 

Funny how easy that was to do.  Maybe the media should have spent more energy asking Obama for that rather than asking every Republican they came across what they thought about the issue.  Certainly now appears that checking his ID would have solved the issue pretty dang quickly. 

Once I get caught up with work, I plan to get caught up with the news and have a few comments.

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