Michael Hancock For Denver Mayor

The Denver mayoral race is coming to a close, and I finally decided who to vote for — Michael Hancock. 

By way of background, the election is technically non-partisan.  That pretty much means Republicans need not apply, so my pickings are a bit slim.  No one in the race is perfect for me.  Not even close.  In particular,  the entire race is dominated by classic urban Democrats — people who have spent their entire lives in Democratic politics and political positions as opposed to working in the private sector.

That said, I am very impressed with Michael Hancock.  He came out of abject poverty, with a father who abandoned the family, projects-living, homelessness, and all that entails, including a murdered sibling and another that died of AIDs.  He put himself through school, kept his shit together, and built an impressive life.  That matters.

The thing that put him over the top, in my view, was simple but indicative of a certain style that I admire in politicians.  I have contributed modest amounts of money to local politicians on both sides of the aisle, so I am being bombarded with robo-calls as the election comes near (mail-in elections have already started).  A few weeks ago, something novel happened.  For some reason, I answered the phone when an unknown caller called, and it was Michael Hancock himself.

Even more remarkably, he was calling to just answer questions.  There was no sale pitch, stump speech, or anything else obnoxious.  He just wanted to know if I had any questions.  Impressive.

Of course, I hadn’t been paying as much attention to local city politics as I should have and had nothing specific to ask about.  So I told him that and asked where I could find more information.  He gave me his campaign web address and we signed off.  Here is when the next impressive thing happened. 

The next day, a member of Hancock’s campaign staff called to follow-up and make sure I had found the website and ask whether I had any remaining questions.  Again, no sales pitch, no crap, just a polite inquiry.  

I seriously doubt that Hancock and I share many views about the proper role of government.  But no one in the race shares my philosophy of limited government.  So I have to find the next best thing.

And so I enthusiastically voted for Michael Hancock for Denver Mayor.  Sir, your story is an inspiration to us all, your campaign is impressive, and while we likely disagree on most things, I have no doubt that you, like me, want what’s best for all of Denver.  Good luck and Godspeed.

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