An Optimistic Take On Election 2012

Jim Geraghty presents the optimist’s view of Obama’s re-election bid.  By optimistic view, I mean one that posits that Obama will lose

I agree with all of his points in general, but especially these two:

Barring some sudden, steep drop in the unemployment rate, the Republican nominee will be able to say that the unemployment rate for every month of the Obama presidency has been higher than every month of George W. Bush’s presidency, every month of Bill Clinton’s presidency, and every month of George H.W. Bush’s presidency. What’s more, the current slow slide in the unemployment rate is driven heavily by Americans leaving the workforce, which is not the way we traditionally like to see people leaving unemployment.

* * *

For an allegedly great communicator, most of Obama’s efforts to move public opinion since taking office have fallen flat. He never moved the numbers on health care. . . .  He and his team can’t resist overpromising; his team put out a laughable chart about how the stimulus would keep unemployment low, and by September 2010, “Recovery Summer” was a punchline.

Obama is just a seemingly more charming Jimmy Carter retread, and as my post below notes, the charming part is starting to wear off.  So, frankly, I think Obama should be a relatively easy defeat.

But here’s the problem — who is going to challenge him?  As Mrs. Hound points out with some despair, it is hard to identify a solid challenger who can guide the party to a presidential  victory in 2012.  Until we have that, conservatives are in trouble.

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