The Washington Examiner — Obama Is Kind Of A Dick

Well, they don’t say it in so many words, but the Examiner’s editors have apparently noticed that President Obama is a partisan hack, not a thoughtful leader of the free world.   This will be a shock to many, as the Examiner notes:

Even as public opposition mounted to his policies — Obamacare, the failed economic stimulus program, cap and trade, skyrocketing government deficits — Obama retained a reserve of public good will reflected in consistently strong personal favorability ratings. People who didn’t like his policies generally still saw Obama as a likeable guy, somebody they would enjoy having over for dinner with the family.

But his partisan nasty streak is now showing (actually, it’s been there all along, just generally ignored by the entirety of the media).

That presents a real danger to his presidency.  Obama comes across as a decent guy when having his ego stroked by adoring media sycophants.  But when challenged, he is a jerk.  I expect to see a lot more of that on display.  If people also start to suspect he is a jerk, what does he have left?

Failing to lead in Libya, Egypt, Iran, Syria.  Check.

Failing to lead on jobs and the economy.  Check.

Failing to lead on reigning in government spending.  Check.

Failing to close Guantanamo, win Afghanistan, leave Iraq.  Check.

But he’s a nice guy narcissistic incompetent jerk!

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