The Real Benefit Of Boehner’s Budget Deal

Michael Barone has some interesting information I had missed during the budget reduction debate.  Setting aside whether the $38 Billion in claimed cuts are real or do anything other than scratch the surface of a very deep problem, it appears that Boehner’s budget deal includes some extremely worthwhile provisions:

Most important, it requires the General Accounting Office to conduct an audit of the waivers from the Democrats’ health care bill that are being issued in large numbers by the secretary of health and human services.

This will raise an uncomfortable question. If Obamacare is so great, why are so many trying to get out from under it? And, more specifically, why are so many Democratic groups trying to get out from under it?

Excellent.  This could be a great opportunity to cement the narrative that this bill was so bad that nibbling at the edges is meaningless and it has to be scrapped altogether. 

Moreover, we will have an opportunity to learn whether “waivers are being granted to constituencies that have coughed up money (or, in the case of Maine, four electoral votes) to the Democrats.”   The rule of law means a lot less than politics to this gang, so I suspect that is exactly what we will discover. 

But there’s more:

The GAO has also been ordered to produce audits on the effect of Obamacare on health insurance premiums. This is likely to reveal that the president did not keep his promise that you could keep your current health insurance if you want to.

And still more:

And there will be an audit of the comparative effectiveness bureaucracy established in the 2009 stimulus package. Comparative effectiveness is supposedly an objective study of which medical techniques are most effective. But anyone who looks closely finds that the experts are constantly changing their minds, which suggests that this is more alchemy than science — and maybe political favoritism, as well.

It thus appears that, in addition to as much as $38 Billion in spending cuts (your mileage may vary), Boehner and company obtained the power to further shift the debate in favor of conservative principles.

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