John Edwards Was Always A Narcissist, But Now He’s A Whiney Narcissist

According to the National Enquirer — you know, the only media outlet to bother looking into the former Democratic presidential candidate and VP wanna-be — John Edwards really, really doesn’t want to go to jail for paying off his mistress baby-momma with campaign funds.  He wants to stay out of jail so much that he is threatening to kill himself first.

Jim Treacher sums up his reaction:

Well, these things happen when you hire your mistress to work on your presidential campaign and impregnate her on the campaign trail, and then spend a fortune shuttling her and your secret baby all over the place to hide them from the media. Not that such a thing was even necessary, since the press did everything they could to avoid breaking the story in the first place. Well, now that his whole sordid mess is no longer a threat to putting a Democrat in the White House, he’s on his own.

Can’t say that I disagree.

Here’s the problem, John.  You did some really dumb stuff and were a self-righteous jerk the whole time.  No one is shedding too many tears for your current predicament.  And the have pity on me routine isn’t helping. 

Moreover, something tells me that a guy who ran for Vice President while shtupping a campaign worker and getting her pregnant as his wife dies of cancer probably has enough self-love to make it through a stint in federal day care.  I could be wrong (and I sincerely hope I am not), but it’s not likely that a guy that narcissistic would end it all instead of convincing himself that someone else is to blame.

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