Trouble In Obama-Land — Public Divided On Libya Before Things Inevitably Go Wrong

The problem for Team Obama is, that’s an even split now

That’s an even split before things start to go wrong, as they inevitably will.  It’s war, you don’t get to plan for everything.  The guys you’re shooting at have other ideas and plenty of incentive to try to make them happen.  They don’t have time to plan their March Madness brackets, hit the beaches of Rio, or play golf, because they literally have their own skin in the game.  So the best-laid plans have serious adjusting to do once the shooting starts. 

That’s the problem with half-assing a war.  Instead of shock and awe, we are doing duck and dodge.  But the other side is all in and has every incentive to hang in as long as possible and try to ride out the attacks from Obama’s small, fractured, time-limited French-led alliance.

The One is nothing if not a political animal, and it has not escaped his attention that there’s an election looming in 2012.  So what’s his Plan B?  Throw NATO under the bus?  Take our planes and go home muttering about the unfairness of others fighting back? 

Terrifyingly, this appears to be an instance where Obama’s naiveté and inexperience have trumped his vast self-preservation instincts.  No one, including the President, is sure why we’re there.  But we are.  So now what?

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