The Boy King’s Heart Just Isn’t In It

Meaning we are going to half-ass it in Libya, according to recent history and tonight’s speech.  VDH sums it up:

Somehow, I don’t think Qaddafi will be impressed enough to step down; the European allies will be somewhat confused over the degree of future American support; the rebels will wonder whether they should take Tripoli or should settle for a zone of sanctuary; critics won’t know whether Obama will ever consult the Congress; we still don’t know why Qaddafi was worse than an Assad or Ahmadinejad — or who or what the rebels are and what the U.S. role will be to ensure something better than Qaddafi.

And that means it isn’t likely to end well.

Qaddafi is a high-functioning psychopath with a highly developed lizard’s instinct for survival who cares nothing about the people he has to kill to stay in power, or at least alive and rich.  And we have him in a corner of sorts without having secured the most obvious exit of slaughtering his opponents.  His family cannot leave the country, his foreign assets are frozen, and the likelihood of International Criminal Court prosecution is high.

At this point, we have to kill him.  Period.  Anything less will leave him emboldened and more dangerous through unconventional means — terrorism — if he survives the current weirdly noncommittal military engagement (disengagement?).   And anything other than killing him is defeat.

But President Present does not understand that.  Once again, we have a lefty who doesn’t seem to understand that his criticisms of those on the right apply far more to himself than his former targets.  Exit plan?  We’d settle for any plan.  Multilateralism?  What happened to 4X as many allies, 17 U.N. resolutions, and overwhelming congressional support.  Rush to war?  How is a week better than over a year.

And worst of all, who are our on-the-ground “allies”?  Does anyone know?  If the rebels win, do we know who they are, and do we have any reason to believe they will not slaughter their historical enemies on tribal lines.  No, we clearly don’t.  

And if they do, what then?

UPDATE: Instapundit answers the key question:

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: Obama’s dilemma: Is Libya mission a success if Qaddafi stays?

No. Next question?

When you are dealing with the Middle East, perceived weakness is actual weakness.

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