They Keep Saying They Aren’t Anti-Gun, Yet I Don’t Quite Believe It

Because they keep doing stuff like this:

The Fix Gun Checks Act of 2011 would greatly expand the definition of those legally prohibited from owning firearms to include anyone who’s ever been arrested — even if never convicted or found guilty — for drug possession within a five-year period.

Let’s see.  The same party that has no problem with convicted felons voting wants to deprive people who have never been convicted of a crime of their Second Amendment right to bear arms.  Moreover, the change is, shall we say, somewhat over-inclusive if they were really interested in barring dangerous drug addicts from possessing weapons:

A little more than 1,600,000 people were arrested in 2009 on drug violations, according to statistic from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. About half of those people were arrested on marijuana charges, with simple drug possession — rather than sale or manufacturing — accounting for [90%] of those [marijuana possession] collars, according to Reason magazine.

Meanwhile, lawmakers in Connecticut are pursuing legislation that would confiscate ammunition magazines that hold more than ten rounds and would charge people who failed to turn them in with a felony.  For people as ignorant of firearms as Connecticut legislators, the vast majority of semi-automatic pistols have magazines that hold more than ten rounds. 

Query: Does anyone honestly think that a potential armed robber or murderer is going to hesitate one second to violate such a law and hold onto whatever capacity magazines they can get their hands on?  But your average law-abiding citizen who wants a pistol for self-defense will mostly likely meekly abide by it to avoid being charged with a criminal offense, and risk being outgunned by an armed intruder as a result. 

On what planet does this kind of legislation make sense?  But no, they aren’t anti-gun, you see.

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