By The End Of The Week, They’ll Be Trying To Bomb Israel

We’re going to fight an air war over Libya by committee.  A political committee

 While the U.S. is supplying most of the firepower and men, the French want us to turn over “command of the war operations on a day-to-day basis [to] a new ‘political steering committee,’ made up of foreign ministers from the United States, European, and Arab states, to oversee the war.” 

That is unacceptable.  We cannot allow some U.N.-like committee to assume command over U.S. troops.  Period.  We have seen what international political steering committees look like.  See the U.N. Human Right Commission.

But the unthinkable is the new normal with the Obama Administration.  “If enacted, the proposal would allow President Barack Obama to fulfill his pledge to transfer leadership of the war out of American hands within ‘a matter of days,’ as he said Monday.”  I have a feeling that just might trump U.S. interests in at least maintaining control over the fate of its own forces.

Exit question from Allahpundit: “Why weren’t the logistics of the handover nailed down before the UN resolution was approved?” 

Sadly, I think we know — Obama & Co. have no idea what they are doing.

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