Outing Jim Shankman

Who is that, you ask?  He’s the asshole who has been posting threats toward Ann Althouse, a law professor and blogger who did the world a favor by posting pictures, commentary, and video about the protests at the Wisconsin capitol over Gov. Scott Walker’s union collective bargaining legislation.  She is a well-balanced, rational commenter, which Mr. Shankman apparently could not deal with. 

Althouse is a much kinder person than I:

I really do feel sorry for these young people who screw up their internet reputation.

People, take a lesson from what you’ve seen on this blog in the last month. There have been 2 incidents of young men — relatively young men — writing on the internet, threatening me. If I post about it, even if I don’t put their names in the post, but it comes out in the comments, anyone Googling their names is going to stumble into the ugly thing they wrote. Even if you have no human kindness at all and care only about yourself, how can a moment of passion be worth all the damage you do to your reputation? Do you think a potential employer who reads something like what we discussed here and here would consider hiring you?

I am posting this because I want Jim Shankman’s screed to live on in the Internet as much as possible.  I do not feel sorry for people who think it is fine to threaten people.  Period.  Actions should have consequences.  Hopefully, any future employer’s Google searches will turn up Shankman’s stupid rants and he will remain, as he almost certainly is now, being paid minimum wage.

UPDATE: Dan Riehl called Shankman up for a chat!  Awesome

A few comments.  First, the guy has a beard, so he’s old enough to be held responsible for his actions.  This is not some overwrought teenager, but an adult.  So the world — and especially any responsible future employers — should know that the adult Jim Shankman is a raving idiot.  Hire him at your peril.

Second, “Shankman is currently unemployed . . . and says he most often works as a dishwasher when employed.”  No big surprise there.  Yet in his rants he claims that the gainfully employed (more or less — sorry!) law professor Althouse is “sponging off the civil society we provide for you every single day you draw breath.”  Hmm, I sense some cognitive dissonance.

Third, “He also believes Fox has been instrumental in elevating Althouse’s reporting, thought not always with attribution. ‘I see these stories on her blog, first,’ said Shankman, then later he sees them on Fox News.”  Helen Thomas is now confused saying: “I didn’t know Althouse was a Jew.”

Fourth, “He believes we should divide the wealth of America across the population ‘so that everyone can buy a house,’ feed and support themselves, starting over from there based upon some concept modeled somewhat after Catholic charity.”  This guy clearly has no idea where wealth actually comes from. 

Charities don’t generate wealth, Einstein, they rely on others who work hard and acquire wealth that they then contribute to causes they support.  If you confiscate the fruits of peoples’ labors, then no one has incentive to aspire to anything other than being a dishwasher-for-life.  Shankman’s economic model would last about one week before everyone’s broke and idiots like him trash the houses they are given and wonder what happened.

Finally, let’s just all get together and find some common ground: “Shankman emphatically and repeatedly claims ‘Obama is the worst president in history.'”  Maybe this guy isn’t a complete moron after all.

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