Tips for Dictators In The Age Of Obama

Rick Richman has ’em at Comentary Contentions.  Let’s just say he doesn’t hold back much.  A  sample:

2. Do not worry if the U.S. president says you must “step down” and “leave.” It is only his personal opinion.

3. To ensure that the president does not focus unduly on your war, schedule it while he is preoccupied with other matters: a Motown concert, a conference on bullying, his golf game, and finalizing his Final Four picks.

* * *

6. Do not worry about a “no-fly zone” or some other U.S. military response. The president will consider it only if the world speaks with one voice. The world includes Russia, China, and Turkey.

* * *

8. You may eventually be subject to sanctions, so check to see if they’ve worked yet with Cuba, North Korea, or Iran.

There’re six more back at the link, all of which are worth reading.

The funny thing is, they are not really that snarky.  They are just painfully simple, direct, and revealing about the current Administration’s feckless response to the plight of oppressed peoples. 

Via Instapundit.

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