As Qaddafi Closes In On Rebels, Obama Takes The Lead

Sorry, I mis-spoke.  As Qaddafi’s forces “seized the last town standing between them and the rebel capital,” Obama takes cover behind the U.N:

Britain, with backing from the U.S., France and Lebanon, submitted a resolution to the United Nations Security Council that, if approved, would authorize the establishment of a no-fly zone in Libya, as well set up protected humanitarian areas, and impose new sanctions on Libyan officials.

The Council was scheduled to resume discussion of the draft at 11 a.m. Wednesday said French ambassador Gerard Araud, but he said he was doubtful the measure could be voted on by Wednesday.

“We will have a debate, paragraph by paragraph, as in a traditional negotiation,” he said.

Senior U.S. officials said the measures proposed in the U.N. resolution may no longer be enough to push the resurgent Col. Gadhafi from power.

The White House chafed, however, at suggestions that inaction by the U.S. and its allies have allowed Col. Gadhafi to regain the momentum. “We have taken dramatic action, together with our international partners, to put pressure on Moammar Gadhafi and his regime,” said White House spokesman Jay Carney.

Quick, identify one “dramatic action” taken by the Administration to put pressure on Qaddafi, or, using Obama’s own words, to “tighten the noose.”  Can’t think of one?  Me neither.  Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but vigorous line-by-line negotiations weeks into a crisis are not what I consider to be dramatic action.

Here is what the Administration says it has done:

The U.S. has frozen more than $30 billion in Libyan assets belonging to Col. Gadhafi, his family and the Libyan regime. On Tuesday, the U.S. added Libya’s foreign minister and 16 Gadhafi-controlled companies to the list.

Well at least now they have nowhere else to go and have to retake the country to replenish their coffers.  

Back to military action, such as a no-fly zone.  Even now, the Administration “stressed that President Barack Obama hadn’t decided whether to support military action” and therefore the resolution subject to the aforementioned negotiations.  But “the U.S. was involved in drafting the resolution and would likely sign onto the plan, U.S. officials said.”  Take that, Qaddafi! 

Assuming the line-by-line negotiations result in a U.N. resolution that could get through the U.S. Security Council, President Obama might sign onto the plan.  I bet that, if we do, the U.S. would try to wait to sign on last.

Meanwhile, “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in Egypt, said the U.S. ‘understands the urgency’ of the situation on the ground. ‘We are looking for ways to increase our support for the opposition,’ she said.” 

You might want to either (1) look a Hell of a lot harder and faster, or (2) stop with the tough talk and just say you accept that Qaddafi is going to be in charge for a while.  Because everyone else seems to think it’s a bit too late to do much but count the bodies.  There’s gonna be a lot of them.

UPDATE: Forgot to say via Ace.

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