If You Choose Not To Decide, You Still Have Made A Choice

Michael Barone notes that President “Present” has been refusing to take the lead on both Libya and the federal budget, leaving things to others. 

Libya is in turmoil, and the status quo is Qaddafi is in charge and killing great numbers of people.  The alternatives all suck, but choosing neutrality means the status quo will most likely win, and thousands more will die as Qaddafi consolidates power and crushes the rebellion.

The federal budget is spiraling out of control, and Obama fails to embrace any attempt to reform entitlements.  He convened a panel to look at the issues and then ignored every one of its recommendations. 

But these things have real consequences that cannot be avoided by refusing to engage on them:

Voting “present” may be a responsible move for a legislator genuinely undecided about which way to go. But an executive voting “present” is choosing a course with consequences whether he likes it or not. 

It’s almost as if electing someone with no executive experience or legislative accomplishments President of the United States was a bad idea.

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