Obama — The “Look Busy” President

At Commentary Contentions, Peter Wehner responds to President Present’s press conference on Libya:

The president, you see, is concerned about what’s happening in Libya. Really, he is. He’s just not willing to do anything that will alter the course of events. Not now, anyway. But don’t despair; the president is giving the appearance of doing something. Because that’s very important. Even if we don’t do anything substantial, after all, it’s important to look like you are. Because optics are everything, don’t you know?

The president will go on consulting and ruminating and conversing and considering. Meanwhile, the people of Libya will go on dying. . . .

This reminds me of my college days working at crappy restaurants.  There was a certain breed of employee — usually an assistant manager type — who generally failed to get anything accomplished.  But they were always seen walking to and fro, quickly, with a damp rag in hand and wearing a stern expression. 

I used to take great delight in pointing out said slackers trying to look busy to more senior management.  Once they were shown a glimpse behind the curtain, it was obvious that the target either had no idea what he was supposed to do next or was just trying to kill time before clocking out without having to work very hard.  Either way, he (it was always a he) was trying to look busy to hide it from everyone else. 

Sadly, with Obama I suspect it is the former — he has no idea what to do.  So like his rethinking of his rethinking of strategy in Afghanistan, he dithers as long as possible hoping someone else will take the lead while trying to look deliberative.

I don’t know what the right answer is in Libya either.  But I’m not a first term Senator with no executive experience and no legislative accomplishments who decided to run for President.  You got the job, champ.  Hire some adults to tell you what to do if  you can’t handle it personally.

The word is a very scary place with lots of scary people, and we elected a guy who doesn’t have the knowledge or intestinal fortitude to be a crossing guard to lead us through it.  That is a scary thought.

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