Lefty Thugs Prove They Are Everything The Tea Partiers Were Falsely Accused Of Being

The video speaks for itself.  I will patiently await the media’s outrage over incivility in political discourse, and for President Obama to condemn the use of violence by his public employee union supporters.

Still waiting. . . .

Via Hot Air.

UPDATE:  Has anyone else noticed that the protesters in Wisconsin look a lot more like the famous Islamic rage crowds we are used to seeing in the Middle East than the polite groups associated with the Tea Party.  Just look at that clown in the video still at the Hot Air post, then compare it to Islamic Rage Boy:

These are the same worthless clowns I remember rioting and trashing Seattle in the name of anti-globalism several years ago.

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  1. There was no violence, you dumb-fuck.

  2. Yeah, there was nothing but the same civility typical of your comments. Funny how people desperate to be wards of the state are the ones who exude hostility from every pore, while those who produce the wealth they want to suckle on act with patience and dignity.

    • Funny how only Fox “news” viewers believe there was violence. That’s because THEY LIED TO YOU.

      As far as wanting to be “wards of the state,” I probably earn twice as much as you do and pay far more in taxes, but I don’t like seeing my country destroyed by conservative policies supported by uninformed sheep like you.

      • Sorry, you have no idea what you are talking about. I’ve seen the videos, and it’s not Fox News, its raw amateur video.

        As to personal compensation, I have seen little from your comments to indicate that you possess any skills the market would significantly value, but more power to you if you’ve managed to do well. Unlike many on the left, I don’t begrudge people earning a good living, acquiring wealth, or even getting filthy rich. I just don’t like free-riders, rent-seekers, and wealth redistributionists.

      • [I just don’t like free-riders, rent-seekers, and wealth redistributionists.]

        Well, that’s something we agree on. Policies should always be what’s in the best interest of the middle class. It’s the middle class that made this country great and the collapse of the middle class is destroying our country.

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