Looks Like The Governor Is Winning In Wisconsin

How do we know?  Easy.  Just see which way the Weathervane-in-Chief is pointing these days. 

Last week, the Democrats were proud of using Organizing for America, Obama’s political organization, to pump up the protests in Madison.  This week, not so much.

Last week, Obama nationalized the issue, in typical Obama fashion, by ignorantly weighing in on the side of his union buddies.  This week, the White House Communications Director says “This is a Wisconsin story, not a Washington one.”

Keep fighting the good fight, Governor Walker.  You are winning, and the Democrats are disgracing themselves by fleeing the state, occupying the capitol, running around with Walker = Hitler signs, skipping work, and handing out fraudulent doctors’ notes to excuse their absences. 

Public sector unions have been feeding at the public trough for decades while using union dues deducted from taxpayer-funded paychecks to re-elect their Democratic servants.  It is time (long past time, actually) to bring them to heel.

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