Obama’s Budget Lies

President Obama is lying when he says things like this:

“My budget freezes spending for five years and what that does is solve the short term problem by saying we’re not going to spend anymore money than we’re taking in,” he said in an interview at the White House with Cincinnati’s WCPO TV on Wednesday.

To be clear, President Obama is not shading the truth, spinning, or just being misleading.  President Obama is lying.  How do we know this?

At PowerLine, John Hinderacker proves it, beyond doubt.  He does so simply by posting page 171 of Obama’s proposed budget.

The first line on page 171 states total Receipts; the second line total Outlays; and the third line the expected Deficit.  Here are the Deficit numbers, just the Deficit:

2011 — $1,645,000,000,000

2012 — $1,101,000,000,000

2013 — $768,000,000,000

2014 — $645,000,000,000

2015 — $607,000,000,000

And so on through 2021. 

Not once does the government spend an amount equal to or less than the money it is projected to take in under President Obama’s proposed budget.  Not once does the annual projected Deficit drop below $600 Billion per year. 

Over the next four years alone, from 2012 through 2016, the Obama budget would add an additional $3.8 Trillion to the national debt.  This budget is not merely irresponsible; it is insane.  And the President is not telling the people the truth about it.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey has more.

Where is Joe Wilson when you need him?

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