Once Again, Chris Christie Shows Us The Way

The indispensable Jennifer Rubin digests the NJ Governor’s Washington visit at her new Right Turn blog. 

In essence, his speech was about political courage. Politicians, he said, “run the last election this time and they don’t look around to see what has changed.” By merely treading water, they are hanging “an albatross of irresponsibility” around the necks of taxpayers. He used education to make his point vivid. The state spends $17,000 per pupil, the highest in the country. He cautions, “More money isn’t going to solve this problem.” He was candid that he wants to “separate the teachers from the union” and make sure there is room for good teachers. He said that currently “we have built a system . . . that cares more about the feelings of adults than the future of children” He cracked, “Tell me where else is there a profession with no reward for excellence and no penalty for failure?” He answered: weathermen and teachers. But, he argued, “America is built on rewarding excellence and having consequences for failure.”

* * *

He also knows how to choose his targets. . . . “Here’s what I’m concerned about,” he said. “There is not a mention of entitlements” in the budget. He said that after the Arizona tragedy and inspiring presidential speech, he thought Obama “had momentum.” Going into the State of the Union, Christie thought: “He’s going to cement reelection and make the tough calls.” But then he went 40 minutes before any talk of cutting spending. The first 40 minutes were about investments.” And then he showed his deft touch. “Now who’s going to say ‘I don’t like high speed internet. I think it should go slower!’?” But his message to the president was a gentle one, “He has time to fix it, and I hope he does.” He said, “Unlike some others, I’m not looking for the president to fail.” (A dig at talk show hosts, perhaps?) He explained, “We get one president at a time.” With a touch of false modesty, he concluded that “in the end all I can do is speak out, express my disappointment and lead by example.”

Read the whole thing, natch.  There is so much more fat-boy (said with love) goodness.

Unlike the teleprompter-dependent current POTUS, Christie is amazingly articulate without a script.  As one who has seen and delivered many oral arguments, I am always amazed at how articulate and focused his remarks are, and he seems to rarely use notes.  That is true talent and confidence.

I am also impressed by his directness.  What the media describes as  brashness, confrontational, or some other negative approach is simply honesty.  Unlike Obama, Christie refuses to rely upon or countenance gauzy, soaring, and ultimately meaningless rhetoric or stupid accounting tricks.  He treats voters as adults

In small groups such as juries, I believe that people can see through bullshit such as Obama’s budgetary smoke and mirrors, but I am concerned that it might be harder for the truth to shine through with the electorate at large.  Christie does us all a favor by shining a spotlight at reality that will allow us to figure that out. 

I take Christie at his word that he will not run for President, and I respect the fact that, unlike a certain former Illinois state senator, he isn’t arrogant enough to decide to run for President after a short time in major office.  But damn, it kills me.

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