So Much For Making Hard Choices

One of the easiest-to-cut low-hanging-fruits of the federal budget is funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  I like NPR and listen to it most days.   But there is zero need for a publicly funded new organization.  There are literally hundreds of radio stations and television channels available to virtually every person in the United States. 

There is even less need for a liberal partisan news organization like NPR.  Tax dollars should not fund All Things Considered any more than they should fund Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck.

So at a time when the public is justifiably very concerned about government spending, the Obama budget would actually increase funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and NPR:

As some Republicans on Capitol Hill try to cut, or even eliminate, its government funding, National Public Radio has sent a public thank-you to the Obama administration for proposing an increase in taxpayer funding for public radio.

“Public broadcasting received a vote of confidence today from the Obama Administration,” NPR said in a statement Monday. “The President’s FY 2012 budget submission to Congress included $451 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) for the two year advance appropriation for FY 2014, an increase of $6 million over FY 2013 funding.”

Vivian Schiller, the head of NPR — and focus of much controversy over the firing last year of commentator Juan Williams — released a statement saying she is “grateful to the Obama Administration for recognizing the importance of public radio to the life of communities across the nation.”

Does anyone think we will ever see a hard-hitting piece on the Obama Administration or its pet causes from these liberal news organizations that depend upon the Democrats for a significant portion of their funding?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Via Ace.

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