Meet Your New “Conductor Of The Train To The Future”

Jumpin’ Joe Biden is back:

Speaking from Philadelphia’s 30th Street train station, Vice President Joe Biden joined by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, announced $53 billion over six years for new high-speed rail corridors and increased speeds on existing lines.

Biden, who LaHood called the “conductor of the train to the future” has long been one of Amtrak’s greatest champions. The plan, which Obama will include $8 billion for in his 2012 budget to be released next week, fits with the administration’s message of global competitiveness.

“Let me tell you, if we do not take this step now, if we do not seize the future, you tell me how America is going to have the opportunity to lead the (global) economy in the 21st century like it did in the 20th century,” he said.

I forget, are we supposed to be winning the future or seizing it?

Exactly how is $53 Billion spent on more Amtrak trains going to increase our “global competitiveness”?  Seriously, I would like someone to explain how that will do anything other than spend a whole lot more borrowed money, more or less forever.  I truly have no clue what mechanism they think will lead from that expense investment to “lead[ing] the (global) economy in the 21st century.”

I don’t think this guy does either:

Would you buy a train ticket from this man?

Via Mrs. Hound.

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