The Mile High Cab Saga Continues

The Denver Post’s Vincent Carroll reports that the Colorado Public Utilities Commission has apparently reached a decision on Mile High Cab’s application for authority to enter the Denver metro area cab market:

Last week, 867 days after the taxi drivers who formed Mile High Cab asked state regulators if they could provide service to metro Denver — pretty please — they received the answer to their final appeal: No.

They were told to shelve their dreams and spare existing cab companies the prospect of “destructive competition,” whatever that may be. And forget about providing customers with lower rates and such free services as unloading groceries. Customers wouldn’t want those benefits anyway, at least if they knew what was good for them.

Sheesh — 867 days to reach a decision.  That is a pretty good example of the time-value impact of regulatory regimes, even if all other costs of the system were reduced to zero. 

A written decision is expected next week.  I will very likely have more to say after I have read it.

In addition, there is a bill afoot that would require the PUC to approve cab companies that meet certain requirements, such as meeting certain financial criteria, operating around the clock, and putting at least 50 cabs on the street.  I haven’t read the bill yet, but plan to do so.

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