Colorado Senator Michael Bennet Shows His “Independence”

Back before the November 2010 elections, the Denver Post endorsed incumbent Michael Bennet without much enthusiasm.  In particular, the Post criticized Bennet for his critical vote with respect to the ObamaCare fiasco, where he pretended to be against it before casting his essential vote for it:

We endorsed the president and many of those Democrats because we thought the country needed a new direction. But with that newfound control of Washington, Obama and the Democrats overreached. They moved the country to the left, helping to stick future generations with trillions in debt by reckless spending on a stimulus package and other programs, legislating health-care reform that failed to slow the growth in costs, and lavishing billions on corporate bailouts and takeovers.

Sen. Bennet, unfortunately, has helped push that agenda along.

If he had bucked his party and his president on just one major issue, and in turn shown some Colorado independence, it would have been much easier to endorse him. Instead, his 20-month career has been frustrating to watch, leaving voters, and us, with a difficult choice.

On Dec. 21, 2009, for example, he made an impassioned speech on the Senate floor, blasting Washington lawmakers for their dirty dealing as they patched together a health care bill larded with special deals. It was an eloquent speech and a devastating indictment on all that’s wrong with Washington. Then, three days later, he voted for the bill.

The current health care bill is law because of Bennet’s one vote.

That vote, and his speech, epitomize his short Senate career: So much potential, yet not enough spine.

Well, today was an opportunity for Senator Bennet to show some spine, buck his party and his president on just one major issue, and help try to undo the patched together larded with special deals healthcare bill that is now also larded up with 700+ or more special exemptions to favored constituents.

So what did Senator Bennet do?  Of course he voted against repeal.  There was never any doubt. 

As I wrote several times before the election, such as here, Bennet had plenty of chances to prove he could be an independent mind, but instead was an automatic vote for the disastrous Obama agenda.  Now, thanks in part to the Post’s endorsement, Bennet has six years to continue helping tax, spend, and regulate Colorado and the rest of the country into the poorhouse.

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