The Obama Administration’s Misplaced Middle East Priorities

Let’s see, we have a revolution in Tunisia, Egypt is burning and the strategically and economically vital Suez Canal is at risk, and there is a possibility of further unrest in Jordan, Yemen, and who knows where else.  Meanwhile, Iran is chugging along with its attempt to build nuclear weapons while threatening Israel with a second Holocaust.

So what is the Obama Administration’s “number one priority” in the region?  You guessed it:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that peace in the Middle East remained the top US priority, despite unrest in the region and a leak of alleged Palestinian negotiation documents. Clinton confirmed she would head next week to Munich for talks of the “Quartet” of Middle East mediators and said she spoke at length about the conflict with Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh of Jordan, a close US partner. “For both our nations, permanent peace in the Middle East remains our number one priority,” Clinton told a joint news conference with Judeh. … “Such an agreement, Jordan and the United States believe, will not only bring peace and prosperity to those who are directly affected, but it will be a major step toward a world free of extremism,” she said.

Really?  Maybe Clinton could spend a few moments figuring out what to do if Egypt’s current government falls, whether that’s what we want, or whether we can influence events.  Maybe one of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight should pick up the phone to John Bolton and ask someone who knows about this stuff what to do.

Instead, we get Joe Biden stupid things like this:

He described the unrest [in Egypt] as an expression of “middle-class folks” looking for “a little more access and a little more opportunity.”

Check out the CNN slideshow and decide for yourself — Does this look like a few “middle-class folks” looking for “a little more access and a little more opportunity”? 

I don’t know what is happening in Egypt or the rest of the region, and it sounds like no one else does either.  But I can tell you it is a hell of a lot more pressing than more endless talks with the Palestinians.

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