And Here I Thought He Was Sincere. . . .

“According to White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, the Obama administration hasn’t fleshed out a strategy for implementing the president’s plan for a thorough reorganization of government, as outlined in the State of the Union address last night. Apparently they haven’t even decided who’s going to lead the effort.”

At NRO Online, John J. Pitney Jr. has an explanation that makes sense:

What’s up with government reorganization? The day after the president made it a major theme of his State of the Union address, his press secretary acknowledged that the administration had not settled on a strategy for carrying out the plan or decided who would lead it. Apparently, the White House did not even touch base with public-employee unions. Federal Times quotes the head of one union: “I don’t know what he’s talking about when he says merge or reorganize agencies.”

There are two possible explanations for the absence of groundwork.

A) The president and his staff want an open-ended process in order to maximize participation by government workers, outside experts, and lawmakers from both parties.

B) The speechwriters needed a way to reconcile deficit reduction with expensive new policy proposals. One can imagine what they were thinking: “Freeze spending and subsidize high-speed rail? Hello? Sheesh, how do we make it to ‘God bless you and goodnight’ without whiplash? Wait a minute: Reorganization — that’s the ticket! We can provide more service at less cost by reducing redundancy, duplication, overlap, waste, fraud, abuse, yadda, yadda, yadda. Don’t know if it works, but it sounds deficit-reduction-y and shouldn’t tick anybody off.”

That is a pretty good explanation of the entire Obama presidency since the mid-term elections.  He wants to spend more, ever more, while pretending to be in favor of fiscal restraint. 

If we are going to be serious about reducing spending, Congress needs to force the President’s hand.  He wouldn’t even lead on his plans for “stimulus” spending or ObamaCare.  He just pushed it off on Congress.  He will vote “present” no matter what, while pontificating about how important X, Y, or Z is in general terms.  Fine, give Obama a slurpee and let him stand by and watch the action. 

That means, however, that the House has to be disciplined and focused and send the Senate targeted bills that would actually reduce spending and could peel off a few Democrats in the Senate.  I have little doubt that Obama doesn’t have the guts to veto anything other than a wholesale repeal of ObamaCare, so let’s test his resolve.

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