The State Of The Union Sucks

I won’t bother to speculate on the cliché President Obama will use tomorrow night — the state of the nation is . . . strong? resilient? more in love with ME, MYSELF, and I than ever?  desperately hoping for more “targeted investments” in green energy? desirous of more union power? terrified of those damn racist and violent Tea Partiers? failing to recognize the wonders bestowed upon it in the past two years and not one damn minute before then? thankfully forgetful of all the policies of the previous Administration — which was evil and incompetent and did nothing right — that I have adopted?

Or maybe what people really want is for our elected representatives to sit together in solidarity and harmony, instead of, according to party, standing up and clapping on cue (or not if you are from the other party), as if Congress were an arena-full of North Korean kindergartners.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I hate — positively hate — the State of the Union Speech.  It is an affront to quality advocacy, an exhibition of partisan simplicity, and a general waste of time and diminution of seriousness.  The whole damn thing should be dragged behind a barn somewhere and shot. 

At the very least, whoever is leading the party of the President — this means you, President Obama — should just tell everyone to shut the hell up and let the President — this means you, President Obama — give a speech.  The clapping and cheering (and not clapping and not cheering) is weird and annoying and makes certain that the SOTU speech will be, at best, weird and annoying, regardless of whatever the President says.

George Will says it more . . . elegantly?

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