Patrick Kennedy — Don’t Stigmatize Loughner By Calling Him Crazy; Besides, Sarah Palin Is Really To Blame

OK, one more comment before I go dark for a while today. 

Patrick Kennedy reminds us why it is nice to have the Kennedy’s out of public life:

In Loughner, Kennedy sees an object lesson for the media and others. “When I hear terms about the alleged shooter in this case, perjorative terms like psycho, lunatic, or they say ‘He’s crazy.’ These are terms we use to describe someone’s mental health?” he asked, his voice booming over the telephone.

“This is a rare opportunity to take all the stigma and stereotyping, and take the terms like crazy and psycho, that are being bandied about by reputable people who should know better, and use this as an opportunity to have some enlightened debate about better public policy that can help respond to the real need amongst many families whose family members are part of that very small subset of individuals who suffer from violent, paranoid schizophrenia.”

Yes, “he’s crazy” appears to be the best way to describe Loughner’s mental health.  Psychiatrists will likely find a more specific technical diagnosis, but for me, anyone who shoots up a crowd of innocents, for whatever reason is “crazy.”  No, that doesn’t quite do it.  This does — “He’s fucking nuts.  Batshit crazy.  A lunatic.”

Actually, Kennedy seems to want to reserve pejoratives such as psycho, lunatic, and crazy for the likes of Sarah Palin, who he designates as the real villain here.  Not to worry, though, since Kennedy is calling for more civility in debate.   You see, he really means it, with just a little bitty exception for Republicans, conservatives, Tea Partiers, and the Mistress of Evil.  They’re fair game.  Mass murderers, not so much.

What a tool.  Did I call someone a tool already today?  Sigh, and the day is so young.  I hope my overheated rhetoric doesn’t incite a barely functioning psychopath who would otherwise live a life of peace, prosperity, and public service to do anything rash.

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  1. […] we had Patrick Kennedy mourning the use of terms such as crazy and lunatic to describe Loughner, while blaming Sarah Palin for […]

  2. Wow, you’re really a spiteful dick. You know the Kennedys had an autistic sister right, so this is kind of an emotional subject for that family. I guess getting help for people with mental illnesses *before* they do something terrible is a ridiculous idea, isn’t it.

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