Elite Arrogance And Failure

Victor David Hansen has a great post up called ‘The New Sophists” at NRO Online.  In one fell swoop, VDH hits global warmists, unrepentant Keynesians, and constitutional scofflaws.  A taste to entice you to read the whole thing:

One constant here is equating wisdom with a certificate of graduation from a prestigious school. If, in the fashion of the sophist Protagoras, someone writes that record cold proves record heat, or that record borrowing and printing of money will create jobs and sustained economic growth, or that a 223-year-old Constitution is 100 years old and largely irrelevant, then credibility can be claimed only in the title or the credentials — but not the logic — of the writer.

America is huge and diverse, but the world of our credentialed experts is quite small, warped, and monotonous — circumscribed largely by the prestigious university and an office in the incestuous Washington–New York corridor. There are plenty of prizes, honors, and degrees among our policy-setters and experts, but very little experience in running a business in Oklahoma, raising a large family in Kansas, or working on an assembly line in Michigan, a military base in Texas, a boat in Alaska, or a ranch in Idaho.

This is the latest installment of what is turning into a common theme on the right side of the blog world — questioning the wisdom of our certificated betters from prestigious institutions that have dubious merit in the real world. 

This is nothing really new, but it has been highlighted to an extraordinary degree by the current inhabitants of the White House.  With nary a business owner or background in private enterprise among them, the credentialed gang that couldn’t shoot straight has set about reforming our economy in their image.  Reality has a nasty way of screwing up theory, as you would think sustained unemployment of nearly 10% and anemic growth would teach them.  Alas, it hasn’t.

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