ObamaCare Kills 45 New Or Expanded Hospitals To Prevent Competition

As expected, ObamaCare regulation is already killing competition.  Today, we learn through Instapundit that “construction had to stop at 45 hospitals nationwide or they would not be able to bill Medicare for treatments.”  The reason they cannot bill Medicare is protectionism for a favored constituency. 

Democrats included in the ObamaCare bill a new “regulation” barring physician-owned hospitals from receivign Medicare reimbursement, which prevents them from competing effectively with other hospitals.  This is always how massive regulation works.  Powerful incumbents use their influence to shape regulation to hurt their competitors and limit competition.  And consumers end up paying more.

This is exactly the kind of consequence Republicans should highlight over and over through hearings regarding the ObamaCare law this year.  45 hospitals spiked, at a cost of how many jobs?  We need to find out.

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