Obama By The Numbers

CBS has a roundup of Obama’s presidency through 2010 “by the numbers,” meaning a catalog of various statistics regarding his travels, speeches, and so on.  Some are quite revealing:

Speeches, statements and remarks [2010]: 491

-Since taking office: 883

* * *

Interviews: 107 in 2010

-Since taking office: 254

And we are told that he just didn’t adequately communicate how wonderful his policies are to the ignorant masses.  Either communication isn’t the problem, or Obama isn’t the great communicator the press and other sycophants tell us he is.

Unemployment Rates:

-January 8 2010: 10 percent.

-December 3, 2010: 9.8 percent.

National Debt in 2010: Up $1.56-trillion

That’s a pretty good illustration of how well Obama’s spending worked to stimulate the economy.  A massive and complete dud.

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