Deep Thoughts, By Katie Couric

In her CBS News Year in Review, deep thinker Katie Couric decried the “seething hatred many people [in the U.S.] feel for all Muslims” and suggested that we need a Muslim version of the Cosby Show to combat the epidemic.  Seriously.  This is indescribably stupid.

First, what evidence is there of this “seething hatred” for “all Muslims”?  FBI statistics in fact show that there were just 107 anti-Islamic hate crime incidents in 2009, versus 931 anti-Jewish hate crime incidents.  Concern about a mosque being built at Ground Zero — a hole in the Manhattan skyline created by Islamic terrorists — is not evidence of  “seething hatred” of all Muslims. 

Moreover, the solution to very real and legitimate concerns about Islam is not a touching sitcom about guy named Mohammed and his family’s wacky escapades.  The only solution is for people who adhere to the Islamic faith to stop blowing up innocents on a regular basis, to cease hiding behind women, children, schools, and hospitals to launch rocket attacks on their Jewish neighbors, to end “honor killings” of their female family members, and to stop stoning to death 13 year-old rape victims as “adulterers.”

And it will also require Muslims in the U.S. and people like Couric to stop pretending that the real problem we have to worry about is anti-Islamic hatred.  Ignorant Americans are not the problem.  The barbarism of a sizeable portion of the Muslim world is.

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