50 Reasons To Be Glad To Live In Denver

Denver’s tabloid newspaper Westword has a list of “50 reasons we’re glad we live in Denver and not the United States.”  I’m pretty dang glad to live in both, thank you very much.  But I enjoy these kinds of lists of semi-obscure local people, places, and inside jokes.

Some of the entries:

50. What other city has a blue, badass horse of the apocalypse greeting people at the airport…[MRH — The horse is so badass that it killed its creator.]

* * *

43. The shit-stompin’ National Western Stock Show and Rodeo!  [MRH — Where, among other attractions, you can hang out in a cow shit and hay floored bar and drink beer surrounded by livestock.]

* * *

40. Every day is like the Great American Beer Festival.

* * *

24. Casa Bonita, the weirdest Mexican restaurant on the planet. [MRH — Complete with cliff diving.]

* * *

9. It’s the land of green chile. [MRH — No.  That is New Mexico.  But we do a good job.]

* * *

5. We can ski in June and sunbathe in January — not to mention doing both at the same time. 

* * *

2. Being a bartender or a brewpub owner is considered qualification for major public office.

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