It’s Not That He Wants To Inhibit Business Success; He Just Has No Freaking Clue That His Policies Are Fatal To Business Success

President Obama’s redemption tour began with the tax increase compromise, and now turns to the business community.  Today, he met with a group of  CEOs and told them:  “I want to dispel any notion we want to inhibit your success.”  Of course not.  They are the cash cows that he wants to milk. 

The problem is, by milking them through taxation, regulation, and unionization, Obama’s favored policies inevitably have the effect of inhibiting commercial success.  Benign motives resulting in malign results really don’t matter.

It’s also bullshit.  Obama’s motives are not benign. 

For almost two years, Obama and Co. have made clear they view business and commerce as the enemy.  Only now that he is on the ropes — whodathunk that attacking business nonstop makes them entrench and wait for the barrage to end — does Obama decide to pretend that he is really pro-business. 

They are not as stupid as he thinks.  Obama doesn’t have much charm left; and his belated attempt to bring it is offensive. 

“‘How do I get companies sitting around the table to start investing in job-creating enterprises?’ the president asked.” 

How about reversing everything you did for the past two years?  That would be a nice start.

Via my favorite news and commentary source these days, Hot Air.

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