Strange Days At The White House

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Obama/Clinton Clinton/Obama press conference yesterday was really, really weird

First, the last two pressers didn’t go so well for The One, so was a third well-advised?  No.

Second, who thought it was a good idea to bring in Bill Clinton to pitch the tax deal?  Last time I checked, Obama was President.  He may not be up to the job, but the White House might not want to go around making it so obvious by calling in some gray hair to give our young and apparently insecure, yet always arrogant, President an elder statesman’s stamp of approval.

Third, after introducing Clinton to the media, Obama wandered off.  You see, he didn’t want to keep the first lady waiting.  For a Christmas party.  Likely one of dozens held at the White House.  Seriously.

What was he thinking?  If nothing else, the optics are terrible. 

Anyway, Michael Goldfarb wins the prize for best snark.

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